A Introduction.

I know two things for certain:

  1. The only people who may even briefly peruse this blog are going to be my friends at my Barney Stinson like urging. These same people will also already know and be partially, or wholly, involved in Daze of Beer hands on, making this entire blog fairly redundant.
  2. Daze of Beer will be my legacy because I do not have anything else going for me in this life, or even the next.

But, I still feel the need to take the advice so many boomers like to push on unsuspecting millennials like myself about how to advance in life. “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” And while I’m not going to be wearing my pajamas and oversized tattered hoodies to work every day while aspiring to be a professional napper with a part-time job in Netflix viewing, I have decided to blog for the audience I want, not the audience I have. So my current audience is, maybe my friends but probably nobody, but I want my audience to be like, my cousin Patrick who possesses some of the most advanced and encyclopedic knowledge of most Midwest based beers and breweries and maybe like six people who laugh at how stupid this endeavor is. I also would not be opposed to my friends actually reading this but beggars cannot be choosers, as those boomers also are inclined to say.

So, let me begin with a proper, longer introduction than what you may find in the “about” page. Daze of Beer started as me sitting at my desk at work, bored, and thinking about how we live in Milwaukee, and what do we know about it? There’s a lake under the Northwest Mutual building and Pabst “came home” last year, although they aren’t actually brewing PBR in the city. But the city is famous for it’s brewing history and I have not, at all, done anything to appreciate that fact. I have never done a Miller Brewing tour nor could I tell you definitively what local brews to get when you’re at some dive. I don’t know anything. I know what I like, New Glarius Spotted Cow and Moon Man, Third Space Happy Place, Leinenkuegel’s Cranberry Ginger in the winters and Summer Shandy in the summers, and Landshark (not even a Wisconsin beer).

Anyways, the idea came to me in a floating, dreamy haze. What if we (my friends, you guys) tried to visit and sample every local brewery. And then this dream came crashing down when, upon closer inspection, I discovered 20 different breweries in Milwaukee, another 10+ in the immediate suburbs, and then the miscellaneous ones spread across the state. So our plan for “Day of Beer” became “Two Days of Beer” to “Four Days of Beer” to the broader term “Days of Beers” to give us more freedom. Then, finally, Daze of Beer, as coined by Ashley when we were discussing the logistics of the project. And she’s right, there is a very real possibility that this will just become a daze of pilsners and stouts and porters and IPAs. This project could crash and fail. We could find out that beer isn’t even something someone should care about. We could discover that maybe alcohol itself truly is the devil and the legislators of the fine state of Utah are maybe correct in their incredibly restrictive liquor sales and consumption laws. But until we try, we’ll never know.

I’d like to finish this first entry with a welcome. Welcome to the blog. Welcome to the lifestyle. Hopefully you’ll stick with this, and hopefully we’ll stick with this. Maybe, someday, this project will have proven to be worth the investment. But until that day, I guess we’ll just have to keep drinking until we find the answer to all the problems.

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