Component Brewing, Bay View, Milwaukee, WI

I’m trying really hard to get regular content back in rotation so I’m just going to shelve part two of the Michigan series. It was a stretch anyways to make it a three part posting when one of those breweries was in Michigan City, Indiana. So I’m just going to write about what sparks joy. And something that sparks incredible and unspeakable joy is a relatively new brewery in Milwaukee that is right down the street from my house. And that brewery is Component Brewing in Bay View!

The first time (of many since) we went to Component it was on the night before the Midnight Magic parade when we decided to crawl through the city of Milwaukee trying to find coasters from as many breweries as we possibly could. We went to Eagle Park (bust), City Lights (I should’ve written a post on this but didn’t), Third Space (private party but also, bust), Mobcraft (Jamie let me steal a few coasters), and lastly, Component.

Finishing the night at a brewery like Component was dicey. On the upside, I was driving so I was sober enough to appreciate the experience, but my friends were not driving. And Jake was really embracing this because I told him I would drive his drunk ass all the way back to Mukwonago, which was a rare treat for him, so he was really not driving. But we arrived at Component Brewing, or more accurately, a warehouse attached to Twisted Path that, at that time, had just one little sign on printer paper that was just like “This a’way!” With an arrow pointing inwards to the warehouse. And I thought checks out and followed the sign, and the subsequent signs written in Sharpie on paper that said “keep a’goin’!” And I was like yes sir. My friends, on the other hand, were a bit more hesitant than me. Which is a fair response. I could’ve been following a trap set by a serial killer who knew exactly how to kill me and just blindly was like “Whatever, there’s beer at the end! Or certain doom! Both are great options.”

But our results were the latter. We walked into a tap room with two guys sitting at the bar, and then just the place to ourselves. And we ordered our beers. I didn’t make any notes from this night because I was so enraptured by the experience. This shining hidden gem right in my backyard. I know that both Jake and Ashley had the Rosie sour and I definitely had the Down The Road’s A’Piece IPA. That’s all I had to drink, but . I do not know if they had something else.

Since then I’ve had the Bay View Brunch, the Bascule Brut with both the pineapple and the mango tea, the Mosaic Theory, as well as the Rosie Sour. And those are just the beers that I have marked on Untapp’d, which we all know I am historically terrible at. And every beer has been outstanding.

And on that first night, Steve, one of the owners/founders/brewers/bartenders stopped by our table to ask how we were doing and what we thought. There we found out the incredible history behind the brewery. At the time (as of late November) they only had one employee that wasn’t one of the owners/founders/guys who were also two brothers and a cousin. And the beers were all themed after a very special place in their hearts– Bay View. The Rosie sour is named for their grandmother who raised their parents right there in Bay View. That’s like if I named a beer Kathy after my grandmother, who also raised my dad in Bay View (until she found herself with a whole Catholic brood of kids and Fresh Prince’d their asses out to New Berlin). It was sweet and personal. There was clearly a love and passion for their city and their neighborhood and their beer. And it showed.

As I kept saying, over and over and over again, there was no reason why their beer should have been as good as it was. They were a brand new, months-old brewery that were serving up beers that tasted perfectly honed and crafted and care for in a way many older, more established breweries still haven’t mastered. I asked where they brewed, and was informed that in a room about half the size of the tap room right next door. I was in awe.

This brewery is a one-of-a-kind kind of gem that you don’t find too often. It feels personal and loved and inspired. We have started hosting our own personal game nights in their taproom, and they always seem to not hate us for sitting there bitching at each other about cribbage counting errors, card game follies, which, in a taproom the size of their’s (read: small and intimate), it would be easy to find us overbearing and to kick us out. But they have never made us feel as though we are burdens to the vibe. We are just members of it.


Please check this place out guys. I want to see them both grow and flourish and thrive, but also I don’t want you guys to know about it and I demand that you forget everything I’ve ever said because this is our own personal Bay View haven. (But actually check this place out. I cannot stress that enough.)

I’m actually writing this inside a brewery right now! That might mean I will get another post queued up for you guys on this delightfully terrifying murder factory I may or may not be drinking in right now! With love and adoration, you malevolent dictator/founder.


Arbor Brewing Company, Ypsilanti, MI

I am tired. Let’s start there. Jesus Christ am I tired. This is a different kind of tired. A deep in my bones kind of tired that I have not felt in a very, very long time. This isn’t my usual millennial depression kind of tired where I just don’t feel like it, this is the kind of tired that comes from a job where I’m working seven, eight, nine days in a row, with one day off a week, on my feet all day, talking to people face to face all day kind of tired. This is the kind of tired that our forefathers felt on an easy day, but my millennial bones feel on a hard day. Or any day. All the days. That’s why I haven’t been around for months. I do have a post almost completely written about Shoreline Brewery in Michigan City, Indiana that is full of life and bright, silly words, but I do not have the energy to even finish it. I do not possess within my body the tone that is required of that post. I do not even know that girl anymore. She wrote that post back in the first week of February when she was just starting a new job on the promise that things may be better. And things are better. I guess I can promise you that much. Things are infinitely better than they were before. I no longer have the millennial tireds, as I mentioned, I have the service industry tireds. Those are different tireds, and I’m not saying they are good tireds but they are healthy for me.

But I do want you guys to know that I have not forgotten about you. I want to write about the time that I went to Arbor Brewing Company a goddamn lifetime ago. I went there in November. Yes. Of 2018. A lifetime ago. I was alive then. Well rested, nervous all the time, constantly running through a million different scenarios in my head about what would happen if I didn’t find employment soon. I was wondering if I should move to Austin to live with Nicole. Or if I should really take the plunge and just whole-ass move to Portland without a job or a plan and just wing it. I still had a car. I still had legs and will and freedom. And I found a place in this world that I had never known existed but it captured a part of my body, mind, and soul that I didn’t even know I could give away to some little town in bumfuck nowhere Michigan.

But yet, I rolled into a bar in Ypsilanti, Michigan, a town that I had never heard of. A town that upon texting people the name of it I had gotten responses like “What?” And “You cannot be that drunk.” And “Did you just have a stroke?” But there in Ypsi, as the locals call it, I bellied up to the bar and started doing the only thing I know how to do when I’m alone in a town in a state I am not native to. I ordered a goddamn beer. And do you know what I received? A fucking beer. Actually, several.

The first beer I ordered was a Buzzsaw IPA. It couldn’t been good, it could’ve been shit. I don’t remember. I didn’t make a note about it. I’m going to lean on the side of I enjoyed it, but I don’t know. Here’s a spoiler for a couple paragraphs down. I got pretty inebriated at this brewery. I wouldn’t recommend doing what I did. That’s all I’m going to say. Don’t be me. Be a better person. Drink responsibly.


The second beer I ordered was the Strawberry Blonde Fruit Ale. I also didn’t make a note about this beer but I don’t think I liked it. But this is the point where I was feeling fucking bold (not drunk yet) and I made the stupidest comment in the world which was “Is the Strawberry Blonde Ale just the Strawberry Nitro on CO2?” And the bartender made some kinda snappy comment about me being perceptive or something, which I was not being. I was asking a normal question but this is the part of the night where things spiraled out of control and I made myself a friend named Brian the Bartender.

Third beer was the Tilted Earth Winter New England Pale Ale. The note I have on it? “Awesome” Yep. That’s it. But I bet that’s exactly what it was.

And then my last (two) beer(s) were Sacred Cow, which instead of letting four months later Natalie describe it. I’m going to insert what Day of Drunk Me describe it by way of the note I made for myself.

ABC Ypsi.png

Honestly, based on that note alone, I would say that maybe I should just start bringing my laptop to bars with me and writing these blog posts in real time, because the drunker I get, the wilder my notes get. For example, this note:

Old Eyes 2019.png

Also, there is a wild ramble where I started to review the bartender. But since this isn’t a blog where I shit on (nice) people, I’m going to refrain from posting it. But I did note that on Fridays they have “Phish Fridays” where, unlike Wisconsin we have Fish Fridays where we just eat fish fries and listen to polka, at this place the manager on Friday nights, I guess, plays Phish in the brewery. How delightful. But also the bartender was like, not as much of a Phish guy as he is a Umphrey’s McGee fan. I didn’t prompt him on this. I didn’t even prompt him on the Phish thing. He asked me what kind of music I was into and I said my typical line of “Northern White Girl Alt-Folk” and he said he was in UM and Phish and then obviously I had to tell him about my Phish Phase, which is actually a lifestyle, about how I’ve actually been to an UM show (this is where I think I really won him over) (also, I’ve now been to two UM shows? My life is out of control y’all but in a good way! I swear!), and how I saw Dead and Co. last year and that ZBB is really good live (he agreed).

But by the time all of this happened, I. Was. Drunk. Man was I drunk, but me being drunk wasn’t apart of the plan. The plan that I was supposed to have dinner with Nicole and her Aunt Sarah and Sarah’s boyfriend Dario. So I had to sit there in my shame and sober up so I could scoot on over to Ann Arbor for dinner. (Oh yeah, did I mention this all happened before dinner?)

Anyways, thanks for coming along on this shame journey with me, y’all. Maybe someday soon you’ll read about Shoreline Brewing in Michigan City. It is apart of my three part Michigan series, but since Michigan is no longer a novelty for my life, I don’t know if this is a series of Michigan posts or the beginning of my new Michigan lifestyle.

Oh, and bonus reading. I wrote this in a coffee shop in Ypsilanti because I love Ypsilanti and I needed to capture how I felt at that moment in the moment. It’s titled The Ballad of Ypsilanti and it’s not good but it captures my love and pain and the way my life was back in November. God Bless Ypsi.

Soo Brewing Company, Sault St. Marie, MI

Today’s post is about a very important day in Daze of Beer history. This post is about the first brewery I visited post-my last job. I mean, yeah, did I end my last job like an eternity ago and did I visit this brewery also an eternity ago? Most definitely. But does that shock anybody? Of course not. Whatever delusion we all carried that I would become better at posting on the blog once I didn’t have a job were carried by the idea that I wrote these posts on my own time, which I did not do. I wrote 90% of all my content on my work computer at my last job during downtimes (or when I should’ve been doing something but couldn’t overcome the debilitating anxiety that made opening emails one of the hardest tasks to overcome in my day). Once I became a person “between jobs” (I am now, once again, gainfully employed so I feel like I am qualified to call my brief timeout from the workforce me being “between jobs”), I had nothing to avoid other than my bank account and I fell off the writing train.

But one of the first and only big “things” of my unemployed phase was I went to the UP on a whim on day. I woke up, not even a week after I had concluded my time in my previous personal hell, and got into Hector (Oh, did you guys know that I got into a car accident in December that total Hector who was in my life for not even 10 months? Pour one out for him, man, because now I am one of those hipster assholes who doesn’t have a car and my life is infinitely more difficult because of it… but back to the story) and we went on one of our last journeys together to the UP.

In all honesty, my intent was to land in Canada. I had my passport. I had my breweries planned. And I was ready to do it. But the problem that I discovered once I got within a mile of where I was going (and within eyesight of the border), was that the breweries that I wanted to go to were closed on Tuesdays and I would have to wait until Wednesday to visit both of them. As it was Tuesday, I had to come up with a new plan. But luckily, Sault St. Marie is exists both in and out of America, and in both of these lands, there are breweries.

So, I went to a different Sault St. Marie brewery that was a little more… dare I say… free? I went to Soo Brewing Company, in Sault St. Marie, Michigan! Now, here’s something else I had to contend with as a newly unemployed person. The “noon on a Tuesday” brewery crowd. I think I have mentioned in previous posts, specifically the one where I was in Philly?, that as a gainfully employed person, nothing prepares you for what it’s like being one of (or thee) only people(/person) in a brewery. But now that I was finding myself unemployed, I got to become that person.

So, I walked into this cutesy little store front to find a very casual “living room” vibe place. There were a couple of people playing cribbage who were friends with the guy working (who may have also been the owner) and my pick of the taproom. I ordered a flight consisting of the Mystery Table Ale, Soo Brew, Boom Baby IPA, and the 13 IPA.

An overall statement to make about this, based on my (lack of) notes and my Untappd profile is that I found all the beers very middling, which is also what I remember. Everything was very firmly fine. I was not a huge fan of the table ale but that’s also because I just really don’t like table ales all too much to begin with. I did like the 13 IPA a lot, marking it as my favorite beer of the brewery. But in general, the beers were fine. Just fine.


But the tap room was wild. Like I said, it felt like walking into someone’s living room. There was sport memorabilia hung up on the walls and a groovy vibe of your friend’s step dad’s basement going on. The people playing cribbage were incredibly comfortable and at home there (but then again, they were definitely very close to the worker/maybe owner), and everything felt chill, albeit a little outside of my normal bullshit hipster comfort zone. The man working was also brewing at the same time, and it was one of open-to-the-tap-room brew ops that I typically hate because the smell of brewing is usually a little much for me. I think it impacts my experience. But they were running such a low volume, doing it for the love not the glory kind of operation at this place that it didn’t really impact anything. I will say, though, that while I was there the kind and gentle soul that was working must have been brewing an IPA because there became a strong whiff of something a little less hoppy and a little more… happy? What I’m saying is it smelled like weed but I’m off my game and don’t really know how to make a joke out of this.

Overall, it was a nice place. It was small but it was clearly done out of love for the art. And then it started snowing and I was hella pissed because it was far too early in the year to snow and I was planning on spending the night in Sault St. Marie to venture into CANADA the next day to check out those other breweries, but someone told me they were calling for 8 inches that afternoon and another thirteen inches over night into the next day and I was not emotionally prepared to deal with any winter driving yet, so I bid adieu to Michigan and headed south again.

But I will go back to Sault St. Marie again, probably this summer, and head into Canada to check out their breweries. I’m still very interested in the North of the Border bullshit that might be happening in craft beer. But as for this brief trip, I wrapped it up wildly quick.

Alright, guys, you might think that’s what I’ve got to say about Michigan, but my next post is set in Michigan City Indiana, and then after that, (if I ever get to it lol), will be another Michigan post coming hot from the Lower as well as some bonus content about Ypsilanti. Sit tight, I’ll get back to Milwaukee eventually… maybe?

Ecliptic Brewing, Portland, Oregon

Hey guys. Welcome to 2019. As you can see, I have officially gotten no better at being a blogger. You would think that at some point, I would either close up shop or just write a goddamn blog post but you know that I’m not good at doing either of those things. I like the blog but I’m remarkably good at finding an excuse to not write for it.

Today’s post is going to be about the time I went to Portland back in October when I had a job and things were going well (Narrator: Things were not going well) and the weather was warm and the sun was shining in the Hipster Capital of the World and I drank beer. But I’ll be honest, I just referenced my notes and, not surprisingly, I do not have any notes about this. But I’ll do my best to fill in the events.

So, what brought me to Portland was my dear friend JD’s housewarming/birthday party. He bought a house. He turned 25. He moved to Portland. It was reason to celebrate. And one part of that celebration was going to JD’s favorite brewery in all of Portland, Ecliptic Brewing. We also lucked in and it was their first birthday! While I know excuses are not fair or fun, I will say that part of the reason why I do not have notes is because we were with a big group of people who did not know about the blog and I was too ashamed to explain the whole blog to these new people. I’ve got a delightfully aloof and disinterested reputation to maintain and me giving a shit about something does not allow for that, not when I was with some Canadians and some other people(?).

But honestly, I ended up having to explain the blog anyways. If there are people who do not maintain chill well, it’s my friends who haven’t stopped drinking for 32 consecutive hours. So I made a new friend (shoutout to Brady is most decidedly not reading this blog post) and then proceeded to explain to him that I run a blog. About beer. And worse than that fact, it’s not even a good blog. On its best day it’s passable. On its worst day, it’s not even a blog because there is no fresh content and it’s just stale ramblings of a madwoman.

Sorry, I digressed.

Since I was playing the role of a Good BloggerTM that day, I got a six pour flight. And better news than this delightful flight was that it was only eleven dollars for a six pour flight. I quickly learned through my short (but still too-long) stopover in Portland, that it’s insanely cheap to drink there. It’s dumb expensive to rent an apartment or drive a car or anything else that is incorporated with the idea of cost of living. But the beers were cheap. And that’s coming from someone who is used to drinking in Milwaukee, where we already have the luxury of cheap beers. But Portland’s coming for our brand on that.


But then again, what Milwaukee’s got on Portland is that I can afford to live in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city for like, what most people pay for their monthly parking spot in other cities. Then again, when was the last time you ever heard Milwaukee mentioned when it wasn’t the butt of some joke? Sorry, you didn’t come here for me to rehash my constant love-hate relationship with the city of Milwaukee. I need to save that for our couples therapy.

Back to the beer!

The flight included the Orbiter IPA, Capella Porter, Carina Peach Sour, Starburst IPA, Phobos Red Ale, and Spectra Hoppy Pilsner. The Starburst was my favorite, because, as I learned about six months ago, I have a favorite hops and it’s galaxy hops. For the most part, it reminds me of Blue Moon ice cream, which is also my favorite flavor of ice cream*. But overall, the entire flight was very good. I do remember that there was one beer that I was surprisingly not too fond of, I think it might’ve been the red ale, but as I didn’t take notes and I do not have access to my Untapped profile right now (I’m on an airplane! I’m in the sky! This is the highest I’ve ever been! Praise.)

Another fun thing about the brewery was, as previously mentioned, it was their first birthday so they were doing beer giveaways (maybe?) and free hor’d’oeuvres  (most definitely). So, a little more on Ecliptic in general, is that they have a full menu and are rocking the brewpub thing pretty well. It didn’t feel gross or sell out-y or anything like that. I feel like sometimes places that decide to go with a full kitchen do not balance good beer and good food well. Either they lose sight of the passion (lol I hate myself) of the beer in the pursuit of a decent food offering, or they go for the full menu thing and it ends up like an overpriced Applebee’s. And while we did not eat there as we had just come from brunch, the hor’d’oeuvres were bomb (can I type that on an airplane?).

And then we moved on with our day from there.

I will also briefly mention that we did also go to another brewery that day, but I only had water there because I was a little beer’d out. I wasn’t drunk or anything, but it was still early in the day and we had a whole day of drinking ahead of us. I couldn’t risk ending up like Jake Smith or something (look at me calling your dumbass out my dudes). But the brewery that we went to (and I think I ate bacon at for some reason?) Was called Ex Novo. There’s photos.


By photos, I mean this one. The only known photo.

Also, everyone else went to a third brewery called Reverend Nat’s or something (again, I’m on a plane and can’t google it and sure, could I just look it up when I go to post this? Definitely. Will I? Of course not. That takes the charm out of the blog. I can’t be a good blogger all the time). And everyone loved that place. I, however, did not go there. Ashley and I took a Lyft to the nearest Target which, news to us in the moment, was in Washington. So that was fun. I had never been to Washington and now that I can say that I have, and it was to go to Target to get cake mix for JD’s birthday.

Overall, Portland, in all it’s hipster glory, is obviously killing it on the beer front. There is so much more that I did not get to in my weekend trip, but I’m excited to go back and see JD and Andrew and Emily (none of those people are reading this) and drink beer. Maybe rent a car and head out to Bend, OR which is essentially the Mecca of Craft Beer. Now, if only there was an easier and cheaper way to get out to Portland, that doesn’t require a whole fucking day spent in an airport (don’t ask, I’m still tired), I’d try to get out there soon.

But yeah, that was Ecliptic. My next few posts are probably all going to be set in Michigan? I know, that’s a weird place for me to be fucking around, but I’ve been a lot lately. Other than that, it’s nice to be back and I’ll catch y’all sometime soon. Maybe next week, maybe next year? Who knows! Happy 2019 my dudes.

*For those of you who live outside of the Upper Midwest, Blue Moon ice cream is not beer flavored ice cream. It’s a fruity, creamy artificial kind of flavor that I think also have notes of lavender. It’s been my favorite ice cream my whole life and I didn’t even know that it didn’t exist outside of the Upper Midwest until I moved to Florida and we had a HILARIOUS (or not) misunderstanding in the break room at Innoventions before the start of our morning shifts when a bunch of grown ass people were talking about their favorite flavors of ice cream and no one had any idea of what I was talking about until Rebeca (shouts out girl!) (she’s also not reading this lol), who is from Michigan, walked in and was like “Oh yeah, I love blue moon.” And I was validated in that moment.

90s Brew Crawl, Minneapolis, MN

Your girl gets around. Which is not something most people would ever think of me. Partially because you should never judge or shame a girl for her proclivities, no matter how her actions are perceived by you, and also because I don’t really get around too much. But this time, we’re going to talk about how Nicole, my cousin Rachel, and I went to three Minneapolis breweries to celebrate our dear friend Kayla’s Golden Birthday. Now, as you know, I am not very good at writing in a timely fashion, so let me assure you. Kayla’s birthday was in September. She turned 28 on September 28th. And yes, it is December. And yes. I am just writing about this now. But bear with me. Like I said, I get around and when you get around, you’re not also known for your timeliness.

But anyways, we didn’t just go to one brewery in Minneapolis but rather, three.

The first place we went to was actually a cider-y, which means, they just did ciders. And, as we all know about your dear friend Natalie, ciders give me heartburn. But anyways, we went to Sociable Cider Werks and Nicole got a Rusty Chain, I got a Mead for Speed, and rachel got a Free Wheeler. Rachel’s Free Wheeler was super champaign-y, not to be confused the Champaign of Beers, which is actually just Miller High Life. While there, Nicole also tried their candy apple cider and the only note I have on that was that it was “alarming.”

The problem I had with Sociable was mainly that it was really small but also super busy. And I know that part of the problem was that Kayla was sporting an entourage of approximately thirty people all dressed in their finest 90s attire (did I mention that it was a 90s themed party? I was dressed super grunge but it was too cold for my attire because Minneapolis in September is like Milwaukee in October which is like Florida on a record-breaking cold day). But it wasn’t just her party that was taking up space, but it was just busy. And it was a Saturday afternoon, so that happens. But goddamn was it busy.


So we moved on to Able Brewing, which, spoiler alert, was my favorite of the three breweries that we visited. The place had space and it was lowkey and everyone was very chill. I had a Cosmic Fruit and Nicole had a Blk Wlf. Rachel had water. She was DD-ing us because she’s a doll and I appreciate everything about my cousin and I am so lucky that she was willing to let Nicole and I stay with her and also to go out with us although she didn’t know Nicole that well and she didn’t know Kayla at all but she was still super game to dress up in 90’s apparel and hit up some bitchin’ breweries with us.


It should also be mentioned that although Able was my favorite brewery, I can never go back there. I broke a glass within seconds of being there with a full fucking beer in it and it was terribly embarrassing. I never break glasses, that’s not my bag. But yet, there I was, craft beer on my booties.

But besides that, I loved that place and wish that I had more beer there. It was a small but focused tap list and the crowd was lowkey and the music was present but low. We hung out at a table next to two couples with a hipster little baby child that kept wandering off. I loved it. Everything about it. It was my kind of brewery. I aspire to visit again if I ever get back up to the Cities sometime soon. I mean, it shouldn’t be hard because that’s where Rachel and her husband Eric and live and they are delightful people and I love them, but I also always forget how much of a bitch that drive is. Six hours is all well and good until you try to stop at a Starbucks at quarter to 8 at night in bumfuck nowhere Wisconsin and they tell you they will not serve you because they are closed but the app definitely says they don’t close until 8pm and they were just being lazy and now you have to continue to drive another four hours back to Milwaukee sleepy and sad.

But I digress.

The last brewery we went to was Indeed Brewing, which was right down the street from Able. We walked there! It was cold! I was wearing a skirt and a crop top and fishnets! Again, it was fucking cold. But whatever. At Indeed I got a Day Tripper, which was really good, I think and Nicole got a Lucy. If memory serves correct, all of their beers were Beatles themed beer names. Honestly, this might be why I shortly thereafter had a dream that my friends and I opened a brewery where we had all Phish-themed beers.


And, about Phish-themed beers, unrelated to our time in Minneapolis, but MobCraft Brewing will be brewing an experimental small batch of one of my Phish-themed beers that I dreamt about. Scent of a Mule Ginger IPA coming to the MobCraft taproom soon (probably in January? Maybe December?) I’ll keep y’all posted on that front later.

But back to Minneapolis in September. After Nicole and I finished off our beers, we decided to hit up a liquor store and get drunk in Rachel’s basement watching Match Game. It was like a warmer, more wholesome fun than rolling around the mean streets of Minneapolis looking to score some smack and ass. I kid. I roll around the mean, cold streets of Milwaukee without concern.


Also, I visited a Margaritaville at the Mall of America because you know I love me some Landshark.

Minneapolis actually had a super cool craft beer scene that I definitely only got a small sampling of while up there. But I want to go back and maybe soon (but maybe not soon). Also, the next couple of posts are still going to be far from Wisconsin and you will find me somewhere more serial killer-y. What? you say. What could be more serial killer-y than Wisconsin? And to that, I must say, somewhere a bit more PNW-y. But until then, farewell.

Milwaukee Brewing, the New 9th Street Location

Want to hear about one of the most delightful events to happen all year in the city of Milwaukee? No? Then get the fuck out because I’m about to tell you guys everything. Every year the city welcomes everyone everyone from all around into their fine city and tells them that they can just kinda mosey around into whatever building they feel like (as long as it’s on the list) and then you learn about the city and the things it has to offer! There are legitimately a hundred and fifty different buildings and businesses and organizations that welcome the public to come marvel that the wonders of what they do and how they help contribute to the vibrant and mystical aura that is the city. Every year there are some “spotlight neighborhoods” to lure people (namely white people from the suburbs) into neighborhoods that are beautiful and thriving, but they might not normally visit because of their inherent racism and fear. This year’s spotlight neighborhoods were Mitchell Street, MLK Drive, and Oak Creek.

Honestly? I did not go to any of the spotlight neighborhoods, not because of very true reality that Mitchell Street is very hispanic and MLK Drive is predominantly an African-American neighborhood but more so because I was hellbent on seeing every goddamn church in this entire goddamn city. And I did a pretty good job. And how did I reward myself by seeing so many churches all across downtown and the East Side? By starting my Sunday of day two of Door’s Open Milwaukee at the new Milwaukee Brewing 9th Street location with Ashley!

Here’s where my Wisconsinite shines through. Ashley and I ventured out to have an “early brunch,’ aka breakfast, at Goodkind here in Bay View where we started drinking at, oh, I don’t know, 9am? Then we caught a Lyft up to 9th Street, where we wanted to check out the Brewhouse Inn, which is a hotel that they built inside a converted old Pabst building. Honestly, the whole neighborhood over there is the old Pabst complex and some of the buildings have been revitalized and repurposed into new businesses or leveled and built upon. There are lofts and offices and various other things in that neighborhood and it’s very cool. Still downtown and quite walkable to 3rd Street or the Wisconsin Sports and Entertainment Center or (dare I say it?) the Hop, but kind of out of the way. No one goes up that hill to the brewery complex because up until the last 5 years, those were just abandoned buildings that were used twenty some years ago for making beer. But now they are being made into something more useful than just a waste of valuable property downtown.

Anyways, as I ramble, I should get back to the point. The New Milwaukee Brewing location. They still have their 2nd Street location down in Walker’s Point, but this new place is bigger and also a tap room with a full menu. Ashley and I did not eat because, as I mentioned, we just came from brunch (breakfast) but we were looking to drink. So we ordered some beers.

Ashley ordered the Oktoberfest beer because it was late September and that’s Oktoberfest beer season! I don’t like Oktoberfest beers, however, so I ordered a bold choice. A Hop-Freak, which is a 8.7% double IPA. And it was delicious. But it was too goddamn early for someone to drink two beers at 8.7%, especially since we had a full day of churches and buildings and hotels to check out. But that did not stop me from ordering a second beer, of course. My second beer was a Citron Saison, which, looking back on my Untapped profile, I noted that it tasted good but smelled off, thus making it a wild experience. And I do remember that. The bartender and I spent a lot of time trying to discuss why I might not like that beer but I also think I did like it?

Rh60hpJvQWuDfymMYOaywQ.jpg And this brings me to a point that I do feel like I have to touch on, which is the whole vibe of the place created by the bartenders and waitstaff. First off, Ashely and I were sitting right next to the the servers’ drink station, so I overheard a lot of talk between the bartenders and the servers and guess what? They hate each other. Like, profoundly and deeply cannot stand the other person. Not fun banter. But palpable and uncomfortable disdain. They were constantly bitching at each other and nitpicking and then when the servers would walk away with their drinks and then the bartenders would shittalk the servers behind their back. This isn’t like me listening to bartenders talk about which girls they took to which DMB show like at Good City, this was like me being physically uncomfortable listening to the horrible things a pony-tailed bartender was saying about a blonde server. I mean, I hate confrontation, whether it involves me or not, but this felt toxic. I know that not all coworkers can be friends, but there needs to be a united front against the enemy– the customer, but instead, they were infighting. And it was weird to be around.

Overall, Milwaukee’s 9th Street location was everything I hated in a brewpub. It was clean, it was shiney, it had no character. Also, there was a lot of living wall bullshit going on, which I hate. It had no character and it was stripped of the history that the Pabst neighborhood contained around it. But Milwaukee still turns out some good beers and I do still like to drink Milwaukee beers, and MKE does still offer their “all you care to spill” tours that I would love to go on some day. But I don’t see any reason to cruise back up there just for a few beers.

Oh, also, on the whole “just grabbing a beer” front. The place is definitely angling themselves to be a restaurant first. When we walked in, three people approached us all together (maybe they were training or maybe they were just bored?) and asked how many. I said “Oh, we’re just here for a few drinks. Can we sit at the bar?” And the three of them looked at each other confused and were like, “Oh. Yeah, sure. I guess?” And then when we sat at the bar, the bartender really pushed their brunch menu on us although we told him several times “Oh, we just came from brunch. We’re just grabbing a few beers.” I don’t know if this was just an off day or if they really want to put a spotlight on their menu at this location and if you just want a beer, you can go to their taproom in the Third Ward (or just drink one of their beers at literally any bar in the state). I don’t know.

So my final conclusion is MKE Brewing still has great beer. We all knew that. Their 9th Street brewpub, though, leaves something to be desired.

The First Daze of Beer Giveaway?! (Now Closed!!)

If you’re new here, welcome! Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my lifestyle. If you’re wondering what we do here, I would recommend going all the way back to the first post, which is essentially an expanded About section. From there, I would recommend that you read last year’s State of the Blog. After that, it doesn’t matter. You’ve caught the essence.

But what I am so excited to announce is that we are doing the FIRST Daze of Beer giveaway! Enter by December 23rd for your chance to win awesome swag from local craft brewers from all over Southeastern Wisconsin as well as some exclusive Daze of Beer merch.

To enter, just fill out the form below. And boom. You’re in! Also, read the rules? There aren’t many. We’re not big on rules in these here parts. Winner will be contacted via an overly emotional and quite gushy personal email from the founder of the blog (lol, me) by New Year’s Eve.

New Glarus Brewing, New Glarus, WI

Miracles be damned, the story carries on to another Wisconsin institution. New Glarus Brewing. So, this year I decided to be a good daughter and take off on September 14th to celebrate my father’s birthday with him since I had a full day of activities lined up on Saturday (his actual birthday) and also the day before (September 13th) was the beer release party for Stitch and Snitch at MobCraft. So I had this day off to both be a good daughter and to recover in the event that I drank too much at the release party. For the record, I did not drink too much because I’m an adult, but it was still nice to have the day off.

Although it was once again ungodly hot. Like, miserably hot. So I rode out to Monroe with my parents to check out the Cheese Days festival, which I’m sure would’ve been super cool if I wasn’t so miserably, god-awfully hot that day. After that we headed up to New Glarus because it was only twenty minutes away and we thought we should check out the brewery.

First, let me say, that this was not my family’s first venture to the New Glarus Brewery, but it has been a good ten or fifteen years since the last time we went there and no one remembered it at all. Mainly because they’ve done radical remodels of the brewery and surrounding. I guess if I am digging into the vague and repressed parts of my memory from my middle school years (which is when I believe we went out there) the brewery was small and industrial. Now it is big and shiny and welcoming to visitors. The only formally guided tours they do are on Fridays at 1pm, otherwise it’s all self guided.

We walked through and read the posters and looked in windows and admired the beautiful people just trying to do their jobs while hundreds of tourists filtered in and out to stare at them. I went up a staircase that went to nowhere. We watched as bottles shot down a line like the opening scenes in Laverne and Shirley. It was beautiful. Then afterwards we went into the beer garden for my parents to have some drinks.

The thing about the beer garden was that I didn’t understand the theme. It seemed more like a beautifully done replica of some Tuscan ruins, which doesn’t exactly scream BEER. I think, honestly they were going for a German thing, and maybe it was working, but it didn’t feel like it was working to me. To me, it was Italy. Or more accurately, the Italian Pavilion in Epcot Centre’s World Showcase. But it was Germany or something, apparently.

Anyways, I was hot and didn’t feel great. Mostly I was hungry. Profoundly and deeply hungry. But my dad wasn’t really interested in indulging my whims of food because he felt that I should have filled up more at the Cheese Festival. Which is true. This is was mostly my fault. But the thing about New Glarius is that while they do put out different beers on occassion, they are more of a tried-and-true kind of place. They have their standards and their seasonals and you know what you’re getting. Now, I was going to tell you what they had, but I just went and pulled up my notes app and saw that I do not have any notes.

What I do remember for sure, is that my dad got a Staghorn. That’s it. That’s what I remember. Again, this is not the place you go for useful or good information on beer. This is where you go to see the ramblings of a madwoman.

But on the upside, after we left, on our drive home we stopped at the World’s Largest Culver’s and I got a scoop of the flavor of the day, which was s’mores. See, I remember the important stuff.


Good City Brewing, Lower East Side, Milwaukee

What I was supposed to be doing on this day, the day in which I visited Good City Brewing, was attending an exciting double date day with Jake and my cousin Kaitlyn and her husband Andy where we were supposed to go to Third Space Brewing to celebrate their 2nd anniversary and then we were going to pop over the Great Lakes Distillery to just continue drinking until finally one of us blacked out, tripped, and ended up in some river. What happened, however, is Kaitlyn and Andy got tickets to the first Packer game of the season and canceled on us and so I canceled on Jake (or he canceled on me) (or we mutually decided to just not do anything) and my sister and I decided to just walk around the East Side to enjoy the natural beauty of a very lively, vibrant part of our city.

First, let me just talk about my love of the East Side. Everyone says Bay View is just “the East Side with parking” but personally, I find their vibes quite different. Bay View is where you move when you have your first kid. It’s mostly duplexes and there are yards. Things are spread out. There’s a Target. The East Side is young, trendy children who just graduated from UWM and aren’t quite ready to give up their lifestyle of drinking PBR at 4pm and smoking a joint in a dreamily, romanticized fashion out the window of their 100 year old apartment building while musing on the filmmaking masterpieces that Wes Anderson is cranking out bi-annually. You’re enamored with quirk and craft beer. You dreamed of moving to a city like New York or Boston or Chicago, but you’re stuck here. In Milwaukee. The East Side is as close to Brooklyn living as you’ll find in Wisconsin. They aren’t hipsters, not like the broke hipsters of Riverwest or the old hipsters of Bay View, they are just… aimless.

So Emily and I were wandering around the East Side, from Brady to North. And along our stroll from bustling Brady, filled with mid-thirties suburbanites trying to recapture their glory days of being untethered by kids and mortgages and corporate jobs and old hippies who were wistfully, publicly smoking weed and reminiscing about the glory days of Brady, when it was like Milwaukee’s own Haight, up to the Whole Foods on North where the crowd slowly transitioned into a younger vibe, college kids over zealously enjoying their first weekend of college away from their helicopter parents they left behind in Northern Wisconsin in the “big city,” we walked past Good City Brewing.

Upon our first pass, we were still full from our breakfast enjoyed at Qdoba with our parents (highly recommend Qdoba breakfast if you can find it somewhere near you), so we decided to put it on the “maybe” list for our afternoon activities and kept on walking. When we decided to return back to the car so we could drive up to Riverwest (always a mistake, I hate Riverwest people desperately) we walked past it again and decided, hell. Might as well have a flight.

Before venturing into Good City’s Farwell taproom and brewpub, I was already quite familiar with a couple of their beers that I had enjoyed in cans. Specifically their Motto APA that I have taken many places with me. Like to Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War and Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again. Okay, mostly I’ve just snuck this beer into the movies with me, but it’s good and I really like it. But what I was not expecting was to walk into their taproom and be handed a beer menu and to be confronted with 10 beers, 8 of which were in the IPA-family.

It is well established that I love IPAs. I could drink them all day. I’m even coming around to the idea of session IPAs so I can actually drink them all day without getting piss drunk after three of them. But Emily does not like IPAs and when you decide to split a flight because it’s noon and you’ve both got places to be (even if those places are just Riverwest) and you want to be a Good Blogger™, being faced with only 2 non-IPA options for beer is not too welcoming. Also, I find it lazy to predominantly offer IPAs as your beer options. IPAs are incredibly easy to make. You just keep throwing hops at the wall until you are satisfied that some asshole in a flannel is going to sniff it and say “wow, super floral” and then take a sip and with wide eyes proudly proclaim “DAMN that’s hoppy!”

But anyways, what we ended up getting in our four-pour flight was the Film Fest Lager, only available in September for the Milwaukee Film Fest season (yes, Milwaukee as a film festival, no. It doesn’t matter to literally anybody), the Varietal #9 which was Belgian style pale ale, the Motto APA, and the Reward triple IPA. As a good sister, should I have gotten a triple IPA when I knew that I was supposed to be sharing these beers with my sister who does not like IPAs? No. But did I have much choice in the matter? Not really. The breakdown was pretty simple. Emily really liked the Film Fest Lager, as did I. But I also was pretty cool with the Motto APA and Reward triple. Neither of us liked the Varietal 39, however. I think we’re just not very into Belgian style beers. Quite wheat-y in general.


Anyways, the place seemed pretty sanitized. Classic brewpub with tables and full servers and garage doors that were open onto the beautiful early fall day. The usual. There was nothing that really stuck out or wow-ed me about the place, other than the fact that the food smelled so good. But the bartenders weren’t anything remarkable. They mostly had some drama about Dave Matthews going on behind the bar, and as it is no longer 1998, having Dave Matthews related drama is exhausting for me to listen to. Especially as a patron of a bar and not someone who actively chose to associated with people who mark all their major life events by who they were dating at which Dave Matthews’ concert.

I apologize that this isn’t a better or more informative post about Good City. I was just underwhelmed by the entire experience. I think my cousin Kaitlyn said it best when she told me “Oh, I always call that place Okay City.” Because that’s what it is. Just okay. They make a shitton of IPAs and they do it just fine. It’s nothing that I would go out of my way for. I can’t imagine there is much variety you can have when all you’re brewing is forty seven different IPAs. But there’s always next time.

And speaking of next time, my next post will be about New Glarius Brewing, found only in Wisconsin. Don’t get too excited, because I didn’t have any beer there!

2nd Annual Wisconsin IPA Fest, Menomonee Valley, Milwaukee

Well shit. If it’s not another post in the same decade. Must be the sign of end times. But here I am, writing to you about something that happen like three days ago*. That’s right, fam. Three DAYS ago. Not months. Not years. Days. And what’s the reason for this? First, I am trying to be more timely in my writing in general. And second, the blog is called daze of beer. Not yerez of beer. So, I present, on this dreary Tuesday following a hellishly hot Saturday the tale of the second annual Wisconsin IPA Festival hosted by Third Space.

This is the second time that we have visited Third Space and also the second time that we visited for a fun celebration on an ungodly hot day. If you recall correctly for the last time we went to Third Space last September, it was also well into the 90s that day. It makes for standing around outside drinking IPAs rather unenjoyable, but as we are consummate professionals, we still did our best to drink and drink and drink and drink. So we decided to buy five drink tickets a piece when we started our endeavor. Now, head’s up. This means that we each had five different kinds of IPAs. Not full pours, obviously, but it’s still a lot of ground to cover so let me just quickly throw down what we were drinking.


Round one: Ashley and I both had the Closer Everywhere IPA from Hacienda Beer Co. and we both loved it. Like, deeply, profoundly loved this beer. It was almost too bad that we started on such a good note because it set an impossibly high standard for the rest of the IPAs to live up to. Jake’s first beer was MobCraft IPA, which I gave him so much shit for because we go to MobCraft every week and for some reason he decided to still get their IPA instead of something from a brewery that we are not as close to or do not frequent literally. Every. Week. But regardless, he liked it. And I knew he would because it’s a good IPA and I know it’s a good IPA because I have had it before, numerous times, as we go to MobCraft. Every. Fucking. Week.

Round two: I had the Hopped By Ziggy IPA from New Barons Brewing Coop. I didn’t like it. I’m sorry but I just did not like this IPA. It tasted like nothing. No flavor whatsoever. It wasn’t even that “oh, I just taste a shitton of hops.” It wasn’t even that. It was literally like drinking a Miller Lite they forgot to sprinkle a flavor packet into. Ashley’s second beer was Zed Cloud with Motueka Hops from Lion’s Tail Brewing Co. out of Neenah. She liked it. I don’t honestly remember what she had to say about it although I do believe this is the beer she insisted I take down a direct quote for and I just didn’t because it was really hot and I had to drink fast or else my beer would also get hot. Jake’s second beer was the Bitter Bitch from Biloba Brewing. He didn’t like it. It was too bitter. And then someone made a comment that it must be what I taste like. Because I, too, am a bitter bitch.

Round three: I got the Tropidelico IPA from Gathering Place Brewery and I really liked it. I love a very citrus-y IPA. And then here’s also where things got dicey because Ashley tried to get Demon Haze from Eagle Park Brewing Co. but they were actually out of it, so she ended up getting the Space Whistle IPA from Company Brewing, which she still liked. Jake’s third beer was Mosiac Theory from Component Brewing. Jake’s assessment was that the beer didn’t have much flavor.

Round four: This was a big one for me, guys. I got the Galaxy IPA from Octopi Brewing and I adored it. It tasted like Blue Moon ice cream. That’s right. My favorite flavor of ice cream which is an illusive flavor that is hard to describe because it’s so firmly rooted in it’s chemical makeup that it never occurs naturally but that is what this beer tasted like. I was so into it that I tried to see how other people described it on Untappd and Beer Advocate and other people were also struggling to articulate the flavor of the beer, which is exactly how I also feel about having to articulate what blue moon ice cream tastes like! So brilliant. Ashley’s fourth beer was Juju the Avenger from Rock County Brewing. She had some very unpleasant things to say about this beer. It would be indelicate to repeat them here in this high class blog. And Jake’s fourth beer was Juice Packets Citra from The Fermentorium. I think he liked it enough. He doesn’t like IPAs though, so this whole day was a hard read for me on what Jake was thinking about any particular beer.

Closing round: I had the NZF from Lucky’s 1313 Brew Pub which I don’t remember drinking. Not because I was sloshed after five four ounce pours, but more so because it was so hot and all I could think about was how hot I was. Ashley’s last beer was the Bunny Green Toe from Lake Louie Brewing. Again, I don’t know what she thought about it. Jake’s last beer was Ride Fast Take Chances from Fifth Ward Brewing Co, which I do remember him liking. Especially since it was Fifth Ward Brewing Co out of Oshkosh and not someone trying to call Walker’s Point the Fifth Ward again.


And then he bounced because it was goddamn hot guys. But I will say, the beer that won the People’s Choice award for best IPA was the festival was the Demon Haze IPA, which is you recall from scrolling up, was also the IPA that Ashley tried to order and they were already out of. So I think everyone sort of saw that coming in terms of what the People’s Choice beer was. I voted for the first beer I had, for the record, the Closer Everywhere IPA from Hacienda Beer Co. The IPA that was named best in Wisconsin from the experts that be was Upward Spiral from Third Space, which I didn’t have at the festival, but it is definitely a staple of my home beer stock. I almost always have either Upward Spiral or Happy Place stocked up in my kitchen, so I’m glad to see them getting recognized for having such an outstanding beer.

Honestly, I love Third Space beers and I love going over to their brewery and I am going to have to find an excuse to head over there on a typical day, maybe on a day that hell is firmly contained below Earth’s crust and now just leaking into life.

*This now happened over a month ago, but I still wrote it three days after the fact and I’m