In the infamous words from the band Staind, it’s been awhile. But fear not, for there is some serious content coming your way. So buckle up and listen to me explain to you why living in the Milwaukee area has some perks occasionally. One such perk is the joyful marketing team at MillerCoors, who, to celebrate Miller Brewing’s 160th year in Milwaukee, treated it’s fine citizens to a free surprise concert. It was simple, go to the Girl in the Moon Gift Shop at the brewery or post a picture of yourself enjoying one of the many fine Miller products online with the hashtag #CheersToMKE for a chance to win tickets.

The concert was announced on June 2nd and was to be held at the Riverside Theatre the following Friday, June 9th. Since I am both a good friend and happen to work approximately a mile from the brewery, I volunteered to head over to the gift shop after work in attempt to acquire tickets. As to be expected, tickets were limited. The Riverside seats approximate 2,500 people and since the concert was free, I was fully prepared to try to throw an elbow to get tickets for myself and the crew. Unexpectedly, though, I had no issue acquiring two tickets at the gift shop. The downside, though, was that I needed three tickets and they limited my lone self to two.

The following morning, my mother graciously volunteered to head over the gift shop in attempt to secure those final two tickets for me, but discovered that after less than a day, the gift shop was already completely out of tickets. This left me with the grand task of having to win tickets in order to get both Jake and Ashley into this concert rather than having to stage some sort of Hunger Games fight to the death in a field surrounded by fire and poison berries situation.  Of course, the only requirement for winning is posting a photo of yourself online enjoying an ice cold Miller beer, it was not a hard task to complete. As can be expected, I won a second pair of tickets.

Now, before I go on, you may be wondering why this is worthy of content. First of all, shut up. I hate being questioned. Second, did you miss it? This is a beer themed concert hosted by a leader in the cheap beer your grandpa drinks in the garage industry. Miller Brewing! Plus, it was a fine tribute to this beautiful city! Stop doubting me. Third, I need fucking content okay?

Day of the concert, we arrived around quarter after six although doors weren’t set to open until seven thirty because there were talks that over forty five hundred tickets had been given out, which is approximately two thousand tickets more than there are seats. So we waited in line. And waited. And watched some line drama. We talked to a few kind people ahead of us. We watched the paddle taverns float down the Milwaukee River**. Watched more line drama. Took some selfies. And then we got to go in! Yay!

The surprise band playing was Chevy Metal, a heavy metal rock and roll cover band. Was I disappointed? Of course not. I love concerts. Did we drink a ton of beer and dance to every song regardless of how well we knew it or not? Well, I mean, I did. I don’t know about Jake or Ashley. I was in a zone guys. A Summer Shandy and Miller Genuine Draft fueled zone. The women next to me did not appreciate my zone, however, nor did about half the theatre that dutifully sat in their seats and nodded in appreciation at covers of songs such as My Sharona and Ziggy Stardust as if they were at a Jason Isbel concert listening to mournful Americana about teen pregnancy and the decay of the Rust Belt. The woman standing immediately next to me literally covered her ears for half the show. Some people just do not know how to rock.


Example of people around us not having fun.

Overall, though, it was a great night. We had fun, immense fun. Thanks to Miller Brewing for actually putting the show on. Of course the cynics in the world would love to point out that this is a brilliant marketing stunt to get us to drink more Miller products and how all the beer served in the theatre was only beers brewed or owned by Miller, that doesn’t bother me. Miller-owned beer is always the only thing served at the any of the Pabst theatres because this is Milwaukee. Besides, people do not realize just how many of our favorite beers are brewed by breweries already owned by MillerCoors. It was a fun, cheap night out in the city with good music and good beer and good friends. It was a fabulous kickoff for the Daze of Beer slate of experiences, and I look forward to however the rest of the summer (or our lives) playout surrounded by beer.

Thanks MillerCoors. Thanks Pabst Theatre Group.

**Hey guys, check out the later added BONUS CONTENT about what we talked about in line!

2 thoughts on “#CheersToMKE

  1. Nicole says:

    “Did we drink a ton of beer and dance to every song regardless of how well we knew it or not? Well, I mean, I did.” This is why you and I work.


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