The Brewer’s Art, Mount Vernon

Guys! You came back! I’m so glad you could be here to share in round two of Good Morning Beertimore! wherein Nicole and I grab dinner at a brewpub that was a little too fancy and had a couple beers that I made no notes about! So welcome to the post on The Brewer’s Art located in the Mount Vernon neighborhood in Baltimore!

Okay, guys, I will warn you. This entire post might feel half assed, but it’s not because I’m half-assing the writing, it’s because I half-assed the drinking. I know what you’re thinking. Natalie, how could you possibly half-ass drinking? You come from a long line of definitional alcoholics and proud Wisconsinites. How could you disgrace your people? And let me tell you how… I was hungry and sort of just didn’t care anymore. Not about like, beer and Daze of Beer and the entire experience as a whole. I just mean, I was less focused on drinking and more focused on eating, which, if we’re being completely honest, is how I live most of my life. I’d rather die of heart failure due to a lifelong love affair with unhealthy but delicious foods than of liver failure caused by a lifelong desire to drink away my demons. Unfortunately, though, at the rate I’m going, these two things might just catch up with me at once. Pour one out for me, everybody.

Anyways, let’s focus in. Nicole and I headed over to Brewer’s Art after we got kicked out of Union. Upon arrival, it took us a minute to find because either I’m blind or there is no sign. It was another game of the GPS announcing that We are here! while we were most decidedly not “here.” But we figured it out. The neighborhood is beautiful and so was the building Brewer’s Art is in. I will say, as much as I shit on Baltimore (with no intention of stopping), it is a beautifully historic city, as you tend to find in older parts of the country. Wisconsin has it’s fair share of “old things” but our old things are still centuries younger than Baltimore’s old things. What we consider ancient here in the Milwaukee metro is just like, moderately old in Baltimore terms. That’s because white people had killed off most First Nations people centuries before anyone even discovered that there was land west of the Appalachians. So while Milwaukee’s oldest building was built sometime in the 1870’s (I googled it and no one has hard dates), the oldest building in Baltimore was built in the mid-1700s and the state itself has buildings older than that. But I digress.

Nicole and I wandered in and the place just seemed nice and adult. Everyone was dressed smart-casual and eating very fancy looking food. For a minute I wondered if this was the place I had read about online because why would I ever let two of us wander in so delightfully under dressed. But we proceeded to find the hostess who informed us they take reservations and that they were totally booked for the night. Excuse me?  I thought this was a casual brewpub and you take reservations? I never go anywhere that takes reservations, let alone places that get booked up for entire nights. But she did tell us we could sit in the bar on the lower level and they have a full menu down there.

And that is what we did. The lower level bar was incredibly dark, and when we first sat down, it was completely empty save for one table with an older couple at it. I assumed it was because it was getting passed dinner time a tad. I believe it was already onto just past 7 by the time we got down to the bar, but before long the entire place filled up with a good mix of smart-casual older adults who were turned away from the main dining room and smart-casual young professionals who seemed to be aware that this lower bar existed.

In terms of beer, Nicole had the Beazly which is their Belgium style beer and I had the Birdhouse which was a nice, summery pale ale. That’s the extent of my notes. I swear to God, guys, I owe you one. Nicole and I each only had one beer and I didn’t take any other notes on it.


Only known notes.

I did have a cheeseburger, though, that I devoured. I had drinking munchies so bad that day, in a way I never get, and at the point where I was three and then some beers deep, I was starving. My cheeseburger was unremarkable. Not bad, just not noteworthy. It satisfied the craving I had in that moment and nothing more.

Final thoughts? Just because they make their own beer doesn’t mean I will fit in there. I mean, I did not stand out by any means, but there food was so fancy and I am a poor person. I mean, overall I literally just wanted a cheeseburger going into the experience and got exactly what I wanted. I wish I could tell you more about the beer but I am such a bad blogger. Deepest apologies.

On the next Good Morning Beertimore! post, I step it up a little bit and Nicole and I roadtrip to Flying Dog Brewery in Fredrick, Maryland! 

*For some idiotic reason, I took all my pictures in portrait instead of landscape at this place so excuse how terrible they all format. Clearly I was drunk.**

**Was not actually drunk 

One thought on “The Brewer’s Art, Mount Vernon

  1. Nicole says:

    I don’t like the implications of getting “kicked out of Union.” We closed down the brewery. Does that sound any better?

    While I know you have no intention of stopping shitting on Baltimore, I am glad to read that you think “it is a beautifully historic city.”

    And by delightfully under dressed (for your readers), Natalie means I was in a crop top and she was rocking a Susan B. Anthony tee shirt.

    I’m sad to say that I don’t remember my sentiments on the beer either… My bao was tasty though small.


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