Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN

What is this you see? Do your eyes decieve you?

Nope. That’s right. This is a blog post by somebody other than Natalie. She hinted that this might occur in the State of the Blog posting, but now we are finally here. And I stress the word finally since what I’m writing about happened three months ago.

But first a little about myself. My name is Tim. I’ve made occasional appearances on DoB, but never really blogged before. I’m very opinionated and tend to ramble a lot, so bear with me. (Also, I’m writing this on my phone at O’Hare, attempting to block out the group of sorority sisters trying to steal this charging station away from me. So bear with me if there are spelling or grammatical errors.)

OKAY. BEER. So it was December 1st, the year of our Lord two thousand and seventeen more. The Wisconsin Badgers (holla) were playing in the Big Ten Championship Game against THE Ohio State Fuckeyes Buckeyes. After securing wristbands for the Badgers pep rally before the game, there was a lot of time to kill. Jake was still making his way down to Indianapolis, so I decided to look up things to kill time. And then I stumbled upon Sun King Brewing, located not even a mile from our Airbnb and like a mile and a half from Lucas Oil. So I figured, “why the hell not?”

Jake got into town, and we walked down to the brewery. We passed some sort of ugly sweater party on patio and walked into the tap room. And I fell in love with this place. There was a huge bar with an impressive amount of house taps. There were more OSU fans than I would have liked, but everybody was chill and just having a good time before the game. DB1EEB9C-0770-4BBF-9B62-5A3F66D03C9D

Off to the side, there was a collection of board games and emulators of classic video games. I got very invested in some dude (or woman, I don’t remember, this was three months ago) playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. A group behind us grabbed a game of Connect Four. This was shaping up to be my perfect kind of place.B13D6890-6AEF-4682-93BE-FC1D4A28305C

OKAY. NOW ACTUALLY BEER. I started off with the Osiris APA, which was very drinkable. It felt light, but still carried weight with the hippiness, but not overly hoppy. It was pretty much perfectly balanced for me. Jake had a another one of their signature beers: the Sunlight Cream Ale. He took a strong liking to it, calling it “a good drinking beer.” He took it a step further and said he liked it better than MKE’s Outboard, high praise indeed.

And then we got to perusing the menus on the tables, which were hilarious and ridiculous. See Indiana is kind of a backwards state when it comes to liquor laws. You can’t buy prepackaged alcohol on Sunday at all, except if you buy from the facility that brews it, on- site. Every establishment that serves alcohol must also offer full service food, including “hot soups, hot sandwiches, coffee, milk (yes, milk), and soft drinks.” Naturally, Sun King sees this as ridiculous, and wrote their Legally Required Food Menu to reflect their opinions.


The Hot Pocket is not a snake, but need Politifact to verify.


What they did actually have though was a small stand on the opposite side of the tap room that served sausages. Jake got a white sausage with a pretzel bun. One thing I forgot to mention about Sun King is they are very environmentally conscious, including canning their beers instead of bottling. This culture ran down to the utilsils Jake got, which were wooden. Comedy. Gold.

By now we were ready for another beer. Jake can back first with a Cranberry Flanders, which was a Sour Red Ale (maybe his first sour?). He found it sweet and way too easy to down, especially for a high ABV beer. (#getfucked) His quote was “It’s like drinking wine, but it’s beer, so it’s better.” I tried to go for one of their mysteriously named Test IPAs. #1 was the one I wanted, but they had run out the day before, so I took the bartender’s recommendation and went for #2. It was hoppy but smooth, and then I hated myself for starting to like IPAs. I still hate myself, but for reasons other than liking IPAs.

Jake got a third beer, which was the Carmel Apple Triple. The only note I have on it was it was 13.2% ABV. (#getmorefucked) I got a sausage on a pretzel bun and struggled to eat it with a wooden fork as well. By then we decided we should go plug Jake’s meter (did that sound dirty? Because he was street parked, I swear), so we headed back towards the pep rally, but not before I picked up a four pack of Osiris.7D60C524-2DD8-4738-8324-F6CEF88652F4

We (or at least I did) got pretty fucked up at the pep rally, where I think I had MGD and Miller Lite, and Jake somehow found a vendor with a Sunlight Cream Ale. (#CONTINUITY) Also, the last call at the pep rally was like an hour long, which didn’t help me at all, being a well-documented panic drinker.

Overall, the game was enjoyable, minus the late 30s former OSU frat stars trying to relive their college years that sat in front of us. Hornibrook was Hornibrook and lost us the game. Hopefully, the Badgers make another trip to Indy in ’18 and we get another chance to visit Sun King. Cheers!


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