Equinox Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO

Where are we? Well, currently I’m physically in Cheyenne, Wyoming drinking a london fog at a coffee shop because this town only has three breweries and none of them open until 2pm. Emotionally I’m wondering if I’m prepared for a new year to start tomorrow, wondering how 2020 is going to manage to further destroy a life I always pictured for myself. But three months ago I was in Fort Collins getting drunk alone at a brewery in the middle of the day in the middle of the week, just as one would expect from me at this point.

I went to Equinox Brewing Company and I’ll tell you all about what I remember about it!

The vibe was chill, but I also found that most of Fort Collins, or FoCo as the more insufferable transplants among us call it, quite chill. I remember driving around on that warm fall day, trying to figure out what to do, and discovering that Fort Collins has this beautiful quaintness to it. Tree-lined streets, a historical trolley track that runs through town that I think doesn’t actually run anymore? Old buildings. Old homes. People looking happy. It was radically different than the Denver vibes. Denver is people who don’t want to assimilate to a culture and rather inflict their own on the surroundings. That’s why when you ask people where’s a good place to get Italian, they think recommending Maggianos as an acceptable suggestion.

But I digress.

Fort Collins. I went to grab some beers and found myself longingly wishing I wasn’t alone there. I was sitting alone just messing around on my phone, but I couldn’t help but notice that there was a group of people on the opposite side of the bar having a great time playing cribbage. I love cribbage. I love sitting at a bar playing cribbage with my friends and calling them a “dipshit” for getting skunked (actually I’m usually the one getting skunked) and gleefully pointing out that someone had knobs and then taking the point. It was exactly what I needed. Friends.

But I was alone so I just sat there drinking and dicking around on my phone like the loser without any friends that I was. But I did have some beer and, as we all know, only cool kids drink beer. The first beer I had was the Space Ghost IPA. I gave it a middling review on Untappd but I don’t have any actual notes from the brewery. It’s actually becoming a true wonder if I even give a shit anymore. Like, why did I stop taking notes? Why am I no longer drinking beer with any kind of regularity and why don’t I post more than once every six months? What’s wrong with me? I still love this blog. I still love beer. But goddamn, this has gotten so much harder than it used to be. I would say that maybe at this point, in late September, it would be excusable. I was a full-time grad student working almost full-time as well. But now? With classes having been done for almost a whole month? What’s the excuse now?

Sorry, back to the beer. The second one I had was a Liquid Fuel which was a NEIPA. I gave it a little higher rating on Untappd. My third beer was a Lawn Boy Cream Ale, which I gave a 4.5, which is extremely high for me. I, again, don’t remember anything about it but I guess I thought it was good. The last beer I rated was an Event Horizon Imperial IPA which I gave a 4/5. Again, very good rating for me. I’m going to guess/assume/hope(?) that  I only got a four ounce pour of this last beer because it was a 9.4% and for me being in Fort Collins and having to book it to Westminster to see JUDY, I really want to believe I did not drink a full pour of such a high ABV beer for a fourth. But I am going to guess I didn’t because I’m very aware of what my limits are and I don’t want to fuck with them. Especially not in a state I don’t know that well so far from where I live.

Anyways, that’s Equinox. Check it out. It was a time.

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