Dead Bird Brewing, Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee, WI

Bee boop bee. I promised this post almost three weeks ago and never wrote it. Boop beep beep boop. But honestly, after the posting schedule I was cranking out in January, did you really expect that shit to last indefinitely? I have already lived a whole lifetime this year. From the time I saw Uncut Gems until I saw CATS for the last time, which was an intervening period of 19 days, I was a person that I did not recognize and I started to refer to as potentially manic. I was always in a good mood and I wasn’t sleeping much and I was doing really fucking stupid shit without concern for the consequences. And then I saw CATS for the last time and my whole world changed? I don’t know.

BUT before I saw CATS for the last time, that very same day, on Saturday, January 18th I went to a brewery in Milwaukee that had opened in the intervening six months since I had moved to Denver. I went to Dead Bird Brewing with Nicole in the Brewer’s Hill neighborhood and Imma tell you about it.

I was in Milwaukee for both a million reasons about also seemingly no reason at all. The weekend was this wildly magical and surreal experience, where it highlighted all the things about the city that I love and miss but also showed me that the city isn’t changing. There is no reason to rush back there (except for the fact that it is incredibly cheap to live there) because nothing is happening. And, if anything, I don’t want to be there this summer for the DNC because traffic. But whatever whatever. I was in Milwaukee, so I had to do what you do when you’re in Milwaukee. I had to eat sausage and cheese and beer.

And that’s what this bitch did. My whole fam, and Nicole, went to Vanguard for lunch. Then Nicole and I went up to Stone Creek for some coffee and I was reminded that I love their coffee so. fucking. much. It’s honestly offensive and unfair that they are allowed to have such good coffee and I was so. so. so. unhappy working there. And then after a posse of burly Milwaukeeans pushed Nicole’s car out of a snow bank, we went to Dead Bird.

I’m going to start at the end. I loved it. Walking in was exactly where I want to spend my Saturday afternoon. I didn’t know much about the brewery going in because my friends don’t go up to that neighborhood (or anywhere lately it sounds like?) and again, they opened after I moved, but I walked in to find something so delightful. This is what Denver needs, my dudes! Lowkey taprooms! Breweries that don’t rely on gimmick! There were old arcade games. A small bar. A friendly staff. What. A fucking. Concept. Beertenders who are personable and friendly? Christ. Every brewery I’ve been to in Denver (not that you would know, because I don’t write about those!) the beertenders are a wild mix of disinterested and pretentious? I don’t know. I’ve been to many lovely breweries in Colorado where this is not the case (posts coming soon maybe). But there is something about Denver?

IMG_5785 copy

I assume this will say “Cheers Milwaukee” eventually.

Anyways, we drank.

Nicole and I rocked out a flight. I would love to tell you which beers on this flight we drank, but I did not make any notes (as usual) and I also did not check into any of these beers on Untappd. So it’s a mystery. But I do know that there was a clear divide between her beer tastes and mine.

IMG_5789 copy

I do know that the one on the end was a hard seltzer? Maybe? I don’t remember. You guys can’t count on me for much these days. It’s just a miracle that I am even drinking beer and writing about how I am drinking those beers.

We also each had a pint. I might’ve had two? And then we played Tetris! Anyways, I loved this place. I don’t know what else I have to say about it. There beer was good. Their bartenders were amazing. And they had pinball and other old arcade cabinets. So like, if you’re up near MLK, check them out. They have a parking lot.

One thought on “Dead Bird Brewing, Brewer’s Hill, Milwaukee, WI

  1. Nicole says:

    I loved this brewery- not the seltzer. We got a fruity beer, which I did like. You can also buy a drink for a friend for the future, which I thought was charming and smart.

    You also failed to mention that you’re a Tetris fucking master. Anywho, can’t wait to go back to this place to drink in the after times.


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